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Managing complexity

Do you feel that you can’t get a proper overview of your projects? Do you need better control over your methods and processes? Perhaps your organization isn’t innovative enough, or doesn’t adapt quickly enough? Maybe your products aren’t competitive enough? Are problems with efficiency or quality holding you back? Or even worse – you know precisely what to do, but there never seems to be enough time to get things going?

We know how to help!

Customized tools

Dependency Map is not the only tool we have built! 

Since FindOut was founded in 2004, we have created dozens of custom, special-purpose tools in close collaboration with customers. 

Regardless of what’s at the root of your complexity challenges – from innovation management to data pipeline monitoring – we know how to build the visualization tool you need.

Consultancy services

At FindOut, we believe that every customer is unique. This means that there are no silver bullets for managing complexity. There are no magic cookbook methods that will make it go away. 

Instead, we believe that every organization must find its own way to act in our increasingly complex world. 

Regardless of what you do, or what size your organization is, we know how to help.