About Dependency Map

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Dependency Map is a flexible, yet simple visualisation add-on for Jira that is ideal for planning and follow-up of product development.

Dependency Map allows you to explore the dependencies between the issues in your project, which helps you make informed decisions about the development order of your epics, features or stories.

It only takes a couple of mouse clicks to create views like SaFE Program Boards, Scrum boards, or Kanban boards. The layouts of all views are completely automatic, so you never have to tweak the maps manually. Since all the underlying data is fetched directly from Jira, the maps always contain the correct information!

Since you can base your views on almost any built-in Jira field (as well as custom fields) the possibilities do not end there! Dependency Map is great for analysing

  • project breakdowns from higher-level Epics in Atlassian Portfolio, all the way down to Subtasks
  • product specification breakdowns,
  • roadmaps with high-level business goals,
  • resources in DevOps environments
  • components of system architectures
  • workload
  • system quality
  • …and much more!

Your imagination is the limit!

You can include multiple link types (with different colors and appearance) in the same Dependency Map view. This makes it possible to explore, for example, both a project breakdown and its technical dependencies at the same time. Dependency Map also allows you to map Jira field options to color, which makes it easy to categorise issues, or highlight issues of particular importance.

All Dependency Map views are based on Jira filters, which allows you to pull in issues from multiple projects. The visibility of your views is defined by the filter’s visibility, so it is easy to specify which user groups that should have access.

If you feel that creating issue links in Jira is a chore, you will benefit greatly from using Dependency Map! To create a new link, just select two issues in a Dependency Map view and click the ´+´ button!

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Download your free trial license from Atlassian Marketplace today!

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