Dependency Map for Jira Cloud

Dependency Map

Jira Cloud

We are happy to announce that Dependency Map for Cloud is now available.

Many of you have expressed a great interest in this. The new version contains some new functionality as well as an enhanced new look and feel.

For more information, visit Dependency Map for Jira Cloud on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Roadmap for Cloud

Our roadmap contains a bunch of valuable and interesting features. A lot is based upon feedback from our customers who use Dependency Map for Jira Server and Data Center. Dependency Map for Jira Cloud includes the most important features needed for creating and maintaining dependency maps. During the first year after the release, we will do frequent releases to add support for different use cases.

Some of the features that will be implemented in the roadmap are:

We will as always be very responsive to our customers viewpoints and ideas regarding what should be prioritized in the upcoming releases.

Why Cloud

With Dependency Map for Jira Cloud, we respond to the general trend where we will be able to provide our popular tool with flexible scaling and linear cost management. As the platform is more modern than the traditional on-prem server-based ones, the appearance of the tool will differ a bit but will also be able to launch features that are not possible to do on the classic platforms.

Atlassian platforms are known as Jira Server, Jira Data Center and Jira Cloud. While Jira Server and Data Center are server-based solutions on prem, Jira Cloud is hosted by Atlassian and AWS. Many enterprises move to cloud services as it often proves to give higher flexibility, performance and as it turns out most of the time – higher security.

If you want to know more about Atlassian Cloud products and services which Dependency Map relies on, you can find it here:

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