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Learn how to use and configure Dependency Map.

Bill of materials

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End-user license agreement

The end-user license agreement for Dependency Map.

Privacy policy

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Product roadmap

q4 2020

User-defined sorting of rows/columns

Choose how row/column field values should be sorted. Override the sort order manually interactively in the map. Your sort settings and overrides are stored with the map.
q4 2020

Support for ScriptRunner fields

Dependency Map can use scripted fields created with Adaptavist ScriptRunner.
q4 2020

Configurable tool tips

Choose which fields the tool tip should display when hovering over issues.
q4 2020

Highlight links that go the "wrong way"

Optionally highlight links that goes against the sort order of the row/column.
q4 2020

q1 2021


You can choose to have your map refreshed continuously in the background while you work.
Q1 2021

In-map filter & search

Interactively show/hide issues in your map. Find issues quickly.
Q1 2021

Export to PDF

Download a printable PDF that contains your entire map at the most zoomed-in scale.
Q1 2021

In-map creation of issues

Create a new issue directly in the map: select a location and enter a summary.
Q1 2021

Infer dependencies

Example: If there is a "blocks" link between two Stories that belong to different Epics, there should probably be a "blocks" link between the Epics too. This feature will help you discover if any such links are missing.
Q1 2021