Visualizations that streamline your project

Spot dependency problems before they have an impact. 

Plan, manage, and monitor progress in a single view. 

Explore your project from different perspectives. 

Strengthen both in-team and cross-team collaboration.


Are unseen dependencies killing your progress?

Dependency Map helps you identify blockers as you plan.

And when you’ve discovered a dependency, adding the Jira link is lightning-quick.

Once your dependencies are visible, resolving them is easy. With a few mouse clicks, you can re-schedule or re-assign groups of issues directly in the dependency map. 

Problem solved!

Dependencies in agile projects

One of the best features of Agile development approaches is the product backlog, but its format (a list) has a tendency to hide dependencies.

This video explains why, and what you can do about it.

Dependency Map makes your job easier

Product Owner?

Maximize value and keep track of dependencies at the same time!

Scrum Master?

Improve the quality of your sprint planning and stand-up meetings!

Release train engineer?

Large-scale, cross-project planning and monitoring made Easy!

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