Improve agile teams productivity by visualizing dependencies

Agile, powerful Dependency Map for Jira to help you work efficiently and flexibly together. Trusted by over 100 000 users.

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Discover Dependency Map

Visualize issues and dependencies to boost efficience and flexibilty in agile teams. Trusted by over 100 000 users.

Visualize issues and dependencies

Fine-tune your data views with three different layout algorithms. Ungrouped, row or column and the matrix layout.

  • Ungrouped

  • Row or column

  • Matrix layout

Explore projects from different perspectives

Explore projects from the viewpoint that best suit your decision-making.

  • Product owner

  • Scrum Master or Team Lead

  • Release Train Engineer or Scrum-of-scrum Master

Link issues easily

Add or remove issue links with a few mouse clicks directly in your Map.

  • All Jira link types supported

  • Customise appearance of the links to differentiate

  • Epic-To-Story and Story-To-Subtask available

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– With Dependency Map we are able to work more actively and effectively with dependencies and structure which enables easier planning

Noomi Almeflo

Test and Project lead at Link22 AB

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In this 1 minute video you will get a basic understanding on what Dependency Map for Jira is about.

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The human brain has got limitations in keeping control of dependencies without visualization aid.

  • More efficient teams.

  • Make fast changes with predictability.

  • Tailor made visualizations presenting your Jira data.