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  • Short term

    Customized link style

    Allow the style (color, line shape) to be configured for a map.

  • Short term

    Improve the favorites list

    Make it easier to reorder favorites.

  • Short term

    Custom merge of row/column values

    Customize merging and renaming of row/column values, e.g. sprints.

  • Medium term

    Indicate diagram filter/sorting customizations

    Make it easy to see if a map has customized filter and/or sorting rules.

  • Medium term

    Export to PDF

    Download a printable PDF that contains your entire map.

  • Medium term

    In-map creation of issues

    Create a new issue directly in the map: select a location and enter a summary.

  • Medium term

    Mark resolved issues with strike through

    Mark the issue key with strike through font for resolved issues.

  • Medium term

    Customized sort order

    Allow the sort order for field values to be customized.

  • Long term

    Highlight links that go the “wrong way”

    Optionally highlight links that goes against the sort order of the row/column. Makes it easy to find logical errors – like an issue that is blocked by an issue in a future sprint.


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