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Prevas InfoVis is a software company where we know the value of visualizing information and dependencies in particular. We are software developers, developing visualization tools for software developers. And yes, we use our own tools. Customers are found all around the world with more than 200 000 users on the installed base.

We are part of the Prevas Group, one of the largest and most successful technology consultancy companies in Sweden.

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Core members of the Dependency Map team

Peter Roos


With 30 years’ experience of development and business consulting from a wide span of industries, Peter has encountered endless situations where visualisation of information has been part of efficient and effective work. Reducing complexity in systems and organisations are a guiding star.

Fredrik Attebrant


Long-time tool developer with 30 years of experience from industries such as telecom, aerospace, defence and transportation, covering software and systems development, ranging from real-time and large-scale systems to end user applications. Fredrik enjoys troubleshooting and problem solving and creating customer focused solutions.

Dag Rende


I have more than 30 years’ experience as a developer and system architect. My heart lies in creating advanced systems that are simple to use.

A visual model of a system or project is an excellent way for different roles in an organisation to succeed together.

I work with both back- and front-end technology. I have skills in API structuring, database modelling, web based vector graphics, semantic web technology, modelling applications and much more.

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