Discover Dependency Map

Visualize issues and dependencies to boost efficience and flexibilty in agile teams. Trusted by over 100 000 users.

Visualize issues and dependencies

Fine-tune your data views with three different layout algorithms. Ungrouped, row or column and the matrix layout.

  • Ungrouped

  • Row or column

  • Matrix layout

Explore projects from different perspectives

Group issues (and set their color) based on any Jira field.

Explore projects from the viewpoints that best suit your decision-making.

Our customers use Dependency Map for personal task management, digital scrum boards, big-room planning with geographically distributed teams, human resource planning, progress tracking, risk management, and roadmap and business modelling.

The possibilities are endless.

Issue linking made easy

Add or remove issue links with a few mouse clicks directly in your Map.

All Jira link types are supported. You can select which ones to include, and customise their color and appearance.

Epic-to-Story and Story-to-Subtask relations can also be drawn.

And if you build Epic-to-Epic relations in Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio), we’ve got you covered too.

Bulk edit issues at lightning speed

Move issues between rows and columns directly in your Map with a few mouse clicks.

Moving groups of issues is no different – just select them and choose where you want them to go.

And if you make a mistake, just right-click anywhere in your Map and select ‘Undo’.

Powerful cross-project views

Dependency Map can visualize issues from any Jira project on your server (that you have access to).

Plan, monitor, and compare multiple projects in the same view.

If the projects use different field value names for the same thing, you can choose new temporary names for them in your Map.

You can also merge rows and columns in your map that have the same name.

If they don’t have the same name?

Don’t worry, you can use smart Regular Expressions to rename before merge.

External dependencies at a glance

When you use Dependency Map to visualize your Jira project, you can choose to include issues from other Jira projects that link to your project. ‘Hidden’ cross-project dependencies becomes a thing of the past.

Choose who can access your visualizations

Every Dependency Map is based on a Jira filter. Only users with access to the filter can see, open, or edit the Map.

There are no new systems or settings for your Jira admins to manage.

Your data stays with you

Dependency Map is designed to keep your data safe.

Dependency Map does not use cookies. Everything that it downloads comes from your Jira server on your request.

There is no hidden user behavior tracking, or other kinds of hidden data collection in Dependency Map.

In fact, it only communicates with your Jira server.

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