In this article we describe how to migrate Dependency Maps from Jira Server (or DataCenter) to Jira Cloud. (If you want to migrate the other way, you can follow the same process but in “reverse”).

It is quite straightforward to manually create dependency maps in Jira Cloud that are equal in most aspects to the Jira Server/DataCenter maps. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to do this.

Dependency Map Cloud will support a superset of the Server/DataCenter features, with greatly improved usability.

There are still some features in the Dependency Map Server/DataCenter that have not yet been implemented in the Jira Cloud version. An example of this is customizing the issue hover content. More information, see the Feature parity checklist below.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Migration steps

This assumes you have access both to the Jira Server/DataCenter containing the Dependency Maps to migrate, and the Jira Cloud containing the projects you have migrated from Jira Server/DataCenter.

To migrate a map, follow the steps in the table below:

Jira Server/Data Center Jira Cloud
General settings
  • Open the map to migrate
  • Click on the gear symbol to open Settings for the map
  • Start Dependency Map from the Apps menu
  • Click the Create Dependency Map button to open a new empty Map
  • In General settings, locate the Map name field
  • In the settings form, enter the desired map name into the Map name field
  • Locate the Filter field
  • Click on the Filter field and select the filter corresponding to the filter you see in the Data Center map filter field. Now Issue boxes should appear in the map area.
  • If you can’t find the filter, it may not have been migrated to Jira Cloud, or you are missing permissions needed to access it. Contact your Jira administrator to solve this.
  • Locate the Issue color field
  • Select the field you found
  • Locate the Show issue type icons
No choice – Issue type icons are always displayed
  • Locate the Map layout field and act depending on layout:
There is no Map layout field – the layout is determined by the Rows field and Columns field setting. See below!
  • Map layout: Matrix
  • Rows field: a field
  • Columns field: a field
  • Rows field: a field
  • Columns field: a field
  • Map layout: Sections
  • Group by: a field
  • Rows field: a field
  • Columns field: Leave empty
  • Map layout: Ungrouped
  • Rows field: Leave empty
  • Columns field: Leave empty
Issue colors
  • Locate Issue Colors
  • Locate “Issue color field”
  • Click “Customize issue colors”
  • Click each value and set the color by selecting a color in the palette or entering a color code.
Issue content
  • Locate Visible fields
  • In the Issue content field, click and select a field in the menu and press enter. Repeat for each field.
Issue hover content
Not supported yet – see the Feature parity checklist.
Only ‘Blocks’ links are displayed by default. Link types can be individually hidden/shown by unchecking the link type in the Link type legend in the map. Custom link type color, line type and width is not supported yet – see the Feature parity checklist.
Advanced layout settings
Not support yet – see the Feature parity checklist.
Advanced options
  • Locate Link following steps
  • In field Follow links, select No or a number (1-7)
The remaining settings are not implemented yet.

Feature parity checklist

Also see the Roadmap for more details.

Feature DataCenter / Server Cloud
Create map based on Jira issue filter Yes Yes
Ungrouped layout Yes Yes
Columns layout Yes Yes
Matrix layout Yes Yes
Issue coloring Yes Yes
Follow links Yes Yes
Share maps Yes Yes
Show/hide links by type Yes Yes
Freeze row/column headers Planned Yes
Show completed issue key as strikethrough Planned Yes
Customized issue coloring Yes Yes
Customized link style Yes 24Q1
Edit fields Yes Yes
Edit links Yes 24Q1
Export / print Yes Planned
Merge field values Yes Yes
Customized field value merge Yes Planned
Custom sort order Yes Planned
Filter rows/columns by field values Yes Planned
Show sum of numeric field Yes Planned
Favorites Yes Planned
Issue hover content Yes Planned
Manual sorting Planned Planned